Music Library

Our music library is Huge; we have a completely digital library of over 250,000 selections. By listening to you, we customize the music to fit the tastes of you, your guests, and the mood of your event.  However, most events today are composed of a large variety of ages and tastes, so we bring all our music to every event.  We have selections from every category from the 50s to now!

Our music library is updated and backed up daily in order to always have all the latest hits.  If for some reason any of your special songs are not currently in our library, we make sure they are before the day of your event.  The music playlist is completely customized by your requests given to us prior to the event, your guest’s requests and the desired atmosphere of your event.  Our music collection is extensive and we bring our entire selection with us to each event so we are always ready for last minute changes and special requests.